It’s a new beginning…

Hello there,

It’s a new beginning. Why?

Well, I started my first blog almost 10 years ago when people just began discovering this new and obviously very powerful platform to spread their words. That blog was more like a daily teenager’s diary than the medium for spreading thoughts and ideas.
But yet, somehow along the way I lost interest in blogging. Honestly, the whole hype dried up on me and I stopped updating the blog and essentially deleted it.

After all those years here I am at it again. This time with, hopefully, practical and useful stuff. I’ve been through many different, both personal and professional experiences for all those years and now I would like to share them with the rest of the world.

You should expect to see a lot of posts related to technology, particularly small neat hacks and tricks, entrepreneurship and whole startups buzz you hear everywhere, life and the philosophy behind it, and so on.

I’ll try to keep my posts short and entertaining. Be sure to leave your comments and actively engage in conversation. I’d like you too, to be participant of this new beginning.

Finally feel free to follow me on Twitter (@manca1) and other social networks.

Talk to you soon!